Past to the present

Kris & Gunner

Being a family based business is a source of pride for Kris Johnsen, Owner and General Manager of Specimen Trees Wholesale Nurseries Ltd. Fifty years ago, Kris started his first business as a Landscape Contractor giving him ample experience in the Landscape and Nursery Trade. Then, with 20 acres in 1975, he started the nursery, which exclusively produced large caliper trees. By 1984, 150 acres were in production including shrubs and broadleafs.

Over the years the nursery demanded more and more attention, and in 1989 Johnsen Landscaping Ltd. was eventually phased out. To date, Specimen Trees has 480 acres housing full propagation facilities, 20 acres of container area, 8 acres of greenhouse, and now a grafting house. Specimen Trees has the capability of producing a 28 million dollar inventory to better serve the Nursery Trade in Canada, the US, and abroad.