Shade and Ornamental Trees: Styrax (Snowbell)

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Styrax japonicus

Japanese Snowbell has a broad rounded crown with distinctive horizontal branching. Small light green leaves turn (under right conditions) yellow-red in autumn. Profusion of slightly fragrant bell shaped flowers hang underneath branches in late spring. Best planted where dainty flowers can be admired from beneath.

Styrax japonicus 'Emerald Pagoda'

Emerald Pagoda Japanese Snowbell has larger flowers (2.5cm accross) and foliage than the other Snowbell varieties. Flower petals are thicker and leaves have a leathery feel and are greener than the species. see also: Styrax japonicus

Styrax japonicus 'Fragrant Fountain'

Fragrant Fountain Japanese Snowbell has a weeping form with gracefully arching side branches and heavily scented white floweres. Moderate growth rate. Full sun. see also: Styrax japonicus

Styrax japonicus 'Marley's Pink Parasol'

Marley's Pink Parason Japanese Snowbell has a broad, rounded crown with distinctive horizontal branches clad in dark green leaves and complimented by pink flowers with a sugary-sweet cotton candy scent.

Styrax japonicus 'Pink Chimes'

Pink Chimes Snowbell has a rounded crown with spreading branches and often no central leader. Scented, pale pink flowers. Dark green, shiny foliage with usually insignificant fall colour, however under the right conditions foliage may turn yellow to red. see also: Styrax japonicus

Styrax japonicus 'Snow Ball'

'Snow Ball' Japanese Snowbell has a dense, rounded form. Flowers profusely at an early age with white, bell-shaped flowers. see also: Styrax japonicus

Styrax japonicus 'Snow Charm'

Snow Charm Japanese Snowbell is another J. F. Schmidt introduction and is larger than Snowcone. Pure white bell-shaped flowers in June on a rounded, more traditional small tree. This selection resists twig dieback. see also: Styrax japonicus

Styrax japonicus 'Snowcone'

Snowcone Japanese Snowbell has a more pyramidal branching habit than the parent. Densely branched (resistant to twig dieback) symmetrical small tree is covered in masses of pure white, bell shaped flowers hanging below the dark green, fine textured foliage in late spring. Fall leaf colour is yellowish. J. F. Schmidt introduction. see also: Styrax japonicus

Styrax obassia

Fragrant Snowbell is a small tree or large shrub with an upright, pyramidal growth habit, becoming more open with age. Foliage is much larger (to 20cm long) than S. japonicus and has a fuzzy underside. Flowers are very fragrant, white and carried on long (to 20cm+) drooping racemes in late spring (May-June), often before S. japonicus. Some shelter from late spring frosts can help. May not be as hardy as Styrax japonicus.