Shade and Ornamental Trees: Sorbus (Mountain Ash)

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Sorbus aucuparia 'Cardinal Royal'

Cardinal Royal European Mountain Ash or Rowan Tree is valued for its attractive compound green leaves and the brillliant red berries in late summer (as opposed to the more orange berries of the species). Flowers in late spring with clusters of white flowers. Fall foliage can be showy, changing from yellow to reddish but could also be "just rust".

Sorbus americana 'Red Cascade'

Red Cascade Ash is a great tree for small spaces. Suitable for planting under power lines. Clusters of white spring flowers contrasting nicely with the lustrous green compound foliage. Yellow fall colour. Small orange-red berries in clusters. A J. F. Schmidt introduction.

Sorbus hybrida

This ornamental specimen tree is grown from seed. A hybrid derived from European Mountain ash and Swedish Mountain ash, it is uniform with leaves lobed like English oak. White flowers are followed by orange-red fruit in fall. This tree is also fire blight resistant. Attracts birds.

Sorbus koehneana

Chinese Mountain Ash is a medium sized shrub or small tree, with reddish shoots and fern-like pinnate compound foliage. Clusters of white flowers in late spring are followed by clusters of white berries in fall.

Sorbus x thuringiaca 'Fastigiata'

Fastigiate Oakleaf Mountain Ash is a hybrid between S. aria x S. aucuparia. A tough small tree suitable for urban planting (pollution tolerant). The leaves are deeply lobed, sometimes to the midvein, creating an oak-like effect.