Shade and Ornamental Trees: Populus (Aspen)

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Populus 'Highland'

This cotton-less cottonwood tree has light colored bark, much like Populus x acuminata. It is smaller than many other poplars, which makes it useful as a shade tree, windbreak and shelterbelt tree and for plantings away from building foundations. Disease resistant, cotton-less and drought tolerant and will grow in all soil conditions including wet.

Populus tremula 'Erecta'

Upright European Aspen or Swedish Aspen/Poplar. Very narrow, upright canopy with dense branching which provides good screening in winter. Leaves are dark green above, grey-green below, turning a beautiful golden colour in fall. Catkins before the leaves are out in February/March. Considered to be a good substitute for Lombardy Poplar. Vigorous root system.

Populus tremuloides 'Mountain Sentinel'

Mountain Sentinel Aspen is a new J.F. Schmidt introduction with a fastigiate form. Ascending branches create an extremely narrow and upright tree with all the characteristics of the regular trembling aspen; silvery-gray bark and trembling triangular leaves! Pictures courtesy of J. Frank Scmidt & Son Co.:

Populus tremuloides

Trembling or Quaking Aspen is a well known native tree of North America (BC Interior). A young Aspen grove in fall is an eye catching sight: the golden leaves trembling in the wind and the greenish-white to cream coloured bark aglow in the afternoon sun...