Broadleaf Evergreens: Azalea

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Azalea japonica 'Blue Danube'

Blue Danube flowers with bluish-violet to mauve-blue blooms with reddish-purple midribs and deep red spotting. Flowers mid-season.

Azalea japonica 'Elsie Lee'

Large, semi-double lavender flowers in late-midseason; mature leaves are yellowish-brown. Somewhat yellow-green leaves mature to yellow-brown.

Azalea japonica 'Girard's Crimson'

Girard's Crimson has large purplish-red flowers with a strong red blotch. Flowers late mid-season. Avoid windy locations.

Azalea japonica 'Girard's Fuchsia'

Girard's Fuchsia has single deep reddish-purple flowers with lighter spots and wavy petals. Flowers in April with an abundance of flowers covering the compact, low plant. Flowers mid-season.

Azalea japonica 'Girard's Purple'

Girard's Purple is covered in spring with large, dark purple flowers, with some darker spots and wavy lobes. Flowers in May.

Azalea japonica 'Gumpo Pink'

Gumpo Pink is a dwarf azalea that blooms late in the season with large, pink flowers, foliage is smaller than average. Flowers in June. Avoid windy locations.

Azalea japonica 'Girard's Roberta'

Girard's Roberta has a very low and compact growth habit and bears large, double deep pink flowers with ruffled petals.

Azalea japonica 'Gumpo White'

Gumpo White is a dwarf azalea, blooming late in the season with large, pure white, saucer-shaped flowers. Flowers in June.

Azalea japonica 'Hardijzer Beauty'

Hardijzer Beauty is covered with small purplish-pink flowers with slightly darker spots in the throat. Sun-tolerant. Flowers early to mid-season (April-May).

Azalea japonica 'Hino Crimson'

Hino Crimson has dainty, deep red (crimson) slightly wavy flowers. Darker in the throat. Flowers mid-season (April to May).

Azalea japonica 'Hino White'

Hino White has a spreading form, growing twice as wide as tall. Single white flowers. Flowers mid-season (April to May). Avoid windy locations.

Azalea japonica 'Johanna'

Johanna has large bright red flowers spotted with darker red. Flowers early mid-season (April to May). Avoid windy locations.

Azalea japonica 'Kermesina Rose'

Kermesina Rose has rose to shell-pink flowers edged with white. One of the hardier two-tone varieties. Flowers May to June.

Azalea japonica 'Mother's day'

Mother's Day has semi-double crimson to scarlet-red flowers with some faint red spotting. Flowers early mid-season. Avoid windy locations.

Azalea japonica 'Girard's Pleasant White'

Pleasant White is another Girard's hybrid. White single flowers with a cream flush and no markings. Flowers mid-season.

Azalea japonica 'Rosalind'

Rosalind has rose-red flowers.

Azalea japonica 'Rubinetta'

Rubinetta blooms rose to purple red.