Shade and Ornamental Trees: Crateagus (Hawthorn)

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Crataegus crusgalli var. inermis

Thornless Cockspur Hawthorne has all the characteristics of the species: rounded, spreading crown with horizontal branching. Showy white flowers are borne in clusters, followed by masses of bright red fruit (pome) in late summer and fall. Dark green, glossy foliage turns orangy-red in fall. Grayish-brown bark provides winter interest (fissured bark) BUT NO THORNS!

Crataegus x lavallei

Lavalle Hawthorn is a small, dense-headed vase-shaped tree. Leaves non-lobed and thick, turning bronzy-red in fall. Long thorns along zigzag stems. Profusion of clusters of white flowers giving way to orange-red fruit, which remain throughout the winter months. Good tree for attracting birds. Dark bark and irregular branch structure provide winter interest.