Shade and Ornamental Trees: Acer (Maple)

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Acer campestre

Also known as a Hedge Maple or Field Maple, the Acer campestre is well known for its use a privacy screen or a loose hedge. Lobed foliage goes from a dark green in spring to a beautiful yellow in the fall. Drought tolerant, the Acer campestre is one of the better maples for dry, hot locations.

Acer carpinifolium

Hornbeam Maple is a rare maple. It is a multi-stemmed tree but its most "outstanding" feature is that it does not have the typical lobed leaves associated with maples but leaves resemble that of a hornbeam (but have opposite placement as all maples do). Slightly bronzed when emerging, the dark green, deeply veined leaves turn bronze, gold and/or brown in fall. MAPLE WITHOUT THE "MAPLE LEAF"

Acer circinatum

Vine Maple is a native plant of the Pacific West Coast and is generally an understory tree/shrub in its natural habitat often creating archways in the forest. Trunk (often multi-stemmed) usually short & crooked with an irregular shaped crown; foliage is lobed and almost circular, fall colours from golden to red, often blended with green. Quite spectacular when fully exposed in the garden.

Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire'

Pacific Fire's main attraction is its beautiful fiery bark which really stands out in fall when the creamy yellow-orange fall foliage contrasts with the flaming red bark. The bark has a waxy sheen which enhances the winter display even more! In spring the young foliage emerges chartreuse (lime-green) creating another show against the scarlet stems before they mature to orange-brown in summer ATTRACTIVE BARK

Acer freemanii 'Autumn Fantasy'

Autumn Fantasy Maple is an impressive, large shade tree with a pyramidal shape and green foliage throughout the spring and summer seasons. the leaves turn to a fall colour of a mixed orange and burgundy colour.

Acer ginnala 'Bergiana Flame'

Bergiana Flame or Amur Maple Superior Red is a very cold-hardy selection originally developed in Montana. Adaptable to many soil types and environmental conditions and further known for its deep red fall colour.

Acer ginnala 'Flame'

Flame Amur Maple is a large multi-stemmed shrub or low-branched rounded small tree with tri-lobed, dark green foliage which turns brilliant flame-red in the fall. Red fruit (samaras). Extremely cold hardy. Flame is seed grown and may be somewhat variable in seed and fall colour.

Acer x 'Gingerbread'

Gingerbread (Acer x 'Ginzam') is a vigorous hybrid of Acer griseum and Acer nikoense, featuring fine, cinnamon coloured, exfoliating rippled (like muscles) bark in vertical fissures. Dark green trifoliate leaves turn orange-red in fall. Drought tolerant once established. *grows faster than A. griseum.

Acer ginnala

Amur Maple is a large, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree with tri-lobed (prominent center lobe), dark green foliage leafing out early in spring. Typically, but not consistent, showy yellow, orange to red early fall foliage colouring. Early spring brings fragrant, small flowers in clusters. Samaras can be flushed bright red in early summer, turn brown in fall and remain on the tree through winter. Good small tree for colder climates where it will perform best. It is adaptable, can be pruned heavily and is suitable for containers, as hedging and for grouping.

Acer glabrum

Douglas Maple (aka Rocky Mountain Maple) is a small tree or shrub native to B.C. with an irregular, uneven-topped crown. Dark green 3-5 lobed, coarsely toothed leaves are greyish green below and turn orange-red in fall. Reddish petioles (leaf stem).

Acer griseum

Paperbark Maple has an oval to rounded form, with upright branching. Its distinctive ornamental characteristic is its rich cinnamon-brown, exfoliating, paper-thin bark. The trifoliate, coarsely toothed leaves are bluish-green above and pale green beneath. Brilliant red fall foliage (sometimes green with red overtones on exposed foliage).

Acer grandidentatum 'Rocky Mountain Glow'

The Rocky Mountain Glow maple is a slow growing tree with an oval habit and dark green foliage. It is related to the sugar maple however grows to a smaller height has smaller leaves. During fall the verdant foliage turns a blazing orange red.

Acer ginnala 'Red November'

Red November is a small Amur Maple selection suitable for planting under power lines. It forms a good straight trunk. Introduced by Dr. Michael Dirr featuring bright green foliage even under summer heat stress. Changes to its consistent, reliable red fall colour later than typical Amur seedlings.

Acer ginnala 'Ruby Slippers'

Ruby Slippers Amur Maple was selected for its straight trunk, dense upright spreading canopy. In early spring, an abundance of bright red samaras hang in pairs, like ruby red ballet slippers, from the tree branches! Bright red,orange and gold fall foliage. Smooth gray bark and dense canopy create a nice winter silhouette. Tolerant of drought and urban conditions.

Acer macrophyllum

Bigleaf Maple is a dense full crowned shade tree native to the Pacific West Coast. Very large (the largest in the maple family) 3 to 5 lobed green leaves (15 to 37cm wide), turn yellow in fall. Clusters of small greenish-yellow flowers hang from the branches in April to May giving way to paired winged seeds.

Acer miyabei 'Rugged Ridge'

Rugged Ridge Miyabe Maple is a J. F. Schmidt introduction presenting itself as a good street tree choice. Vigorous grower. Tolerant of urban conditions and pest resistant. Straight central leader, good branching, quick to caliper up (with deeply furrowed, corky bark). Dark green foliage turns yellow in fall. DEEPLY FURROWED (RIDGED) CORKY BARK

Acer miyabei 'State Street'

State Tree Miyabe Maple selection from the Morton Arboretum, with 5-lobed, glossy, dark green leaves which turn yellow late fall. Deeply furrowed corky bark. A great street tree with dense foliage. Tolerant of urban conditions and pest resistant.

Acer negundo 'Sensation'

Sensation Boxelder ( aka Manitoba Maple) has a much improved habit over the species with its symmetrical and uniform branch structure. Spring flush of coppery-red foliage turns medium green as foliage matures, while retaining just a hint of copper...

Acer platanoides 'Crimson King'

Crimson King Maple is one of the most vigorous growing of the red leaved Norway maples. Crown oval when young becoming rounded with age. Rich red-purple leaves throughout growing season; foliage emerges crimson, deepening to maroon and changing to reddish-bronze in fall.

Acer platanoides Conquest

Conquest ('Conzam') is a narrow, oval, densely branched sport of Crimson King. Reddish-purple spring foliage matures to a bronze/purple green providing a beautiful contrast with the red new growth. Turns bronze-orange in fall.

Acer platanoides 'Columnare'

Our Columnar Norway Maples are narrow and upright when young but will become more oval with age. A good street tree. Green foliage slightly smaller than the species. Fall colour is yellow.

Acer platanoides 'Crimson Sentry'

Crimson Sentry Maple is a medium grower with columnar shaped crown and dark purple foliage. Ideal for narrow streets and small gardens.

Acer platanoides 'Drummondii'

Harlequin Maple is a striking variegated tree with light green leaves displaying a wide white to yellowish white edge. Reverting branches, if they appear, should be pruned out or they will take over.

Acer pennsylvanicum

Striped or Snake Bark Maple or Moosewood is a small, upright spreading tree with very attractive grey-green bark with white lengthwise stripes. The only snakebark maple native to North America. Three-lobed bright green foliage with soft yellow fall foliage. Small yellow flowers form samaras in pendulous chains. Thrives in shaded woodland setting; cool, moist, slightly acidic soils in partial shade. Very cold hardy tree. See: Acer palmatum

Acer platanoides 'Emerald Queen'

Emerald Queen is a fast growing Norway Maple with a uniform oval shaped crown. Dark green foliage has a reddish tint in spring and turns yellow in fall. An oval habit with upright spreading branch structure. The small flowers are of some ornamental value as they appear in clusters before the leaves emerge and then turn into samaras. This Norway Maple has a shallow root system and can adapt to many soil types and is tolerant of drought and many urban conditions. Note: Norway Maples need lots of space; id feature: milky sap (latex) when petiole is broken

Acer platanoides 'Globosum'

Globe Maple has a very formal look with its very densely branched, globe form. It is often top-budded/grafted on a 1.8m standard accentuating the "lollipop" look. Maturing to a more flattened crown with the "globe" being wider than tall. Globe Maple is a dwarf maple suitable for planting under power lines.

Acer platanoide 'Princeton Gold'

Princeton Gold Maple is known for its outstanding yellow foliage which is especially bright golden-yellow in spring. It holds onto its yellow colour throughout the season; yellow-green in summer and yellow in fall.

Acer pseudoplatanus 'Spaethii'

Planetree or Sycamore Maple. (Spaethii aka Atropurpureum) Thick, leathery leaves are dark green on top and rich purple beneath. Sycamores have an upright, dense spreading branch structure, with an oval to rounded form. Not noted for fall colour but is a good choice where salt tolerance required. A. pseudoplatanoides buds remain green in winter compared to A. platanoides whose buds will turn purplish. Tolerant of light shade and seaside locations (salt tolerant).

Acer rubrum 'Autumn Blaze' (x freemanii)

(x freemanii 'Jeffersred') Autumn Blaze Maple has a broadly ovate, dense crown with green, deeply 5-lobed leaves. Fall colour is a consistent orange-red and long lasting. Developed as a cross between A. rubrum x A. saccharinum. Superior to Silver maple with improved branching and less susceptible to storm damage. Fruitless (nearly)

Acer rubrum 'Autumn Flame'

The autumn flame maple is a shade tree with a large upright shape, during the fall its foliage flickers with a cariable red, orange and yellow shades, that causes the maple to truly live up to its name.

Acer rubrum 'Armstrong' (x freemanii)

Armstrong Maple is a fast grower with an upright columnar habit, becoming more spreading with age. Leaves light green turning to yellow-orange-red in fall (under the right conditions). Silver-grey bark. Acer rubrum x Acer saccharinum hybrid (x freemanii) hybrids have the "true Maple leaf" shaped foliage (3 main lobes and 2 smaller lobes on the bottom), whereas the Acer rubrums have 3 prominent lobes only (the bottom 2 lobes being inconspicuous), usually with a red petiole.

Acer rubrum 'Autumn Spire'

Autumn Spire is an University of Minnesota introduction with many great qualities: an abundance of red flowers before the leaves open turn into red samaras, foliage emerges red before turning green. Followed in early fall with an outstanding show of scarlet that seems to last forever! AND this is a very hardy Red Maple selection suitable for Prairie locations.

Acer rubrum Burgundy Belle

aka 'Magnificent Magenta', Burgundy Belle Red Maple is a vigorous grower with a very uniform, oval crown and compact habit. Almost fluorescent burgundy to magenta-red fall colour. Very drought tolerant.

Acer rubrum 'Brandywine'

Brandywine Maple, a seedless male selection from the US Arboretum, is a cross of October Glory and Autumn Flame. Fall colour show one week later than most rubrums but last longer, changing from deep red to brilliant purple-red. Seedless. Adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions, but prefers slightly acidic soils

Acer rubrum 'Bowhall'

Bowhall Maple is a fast grower with an upright columnar habit. Medium green leaves with orange and reddish tinges. Sometimes sold as Scanlon.

Acer rubrum 'Karpick'

Karpick Maple is narrow when young becoming oval with age and is a good street tree choice. Red brown branches. It is denser than Bowhall, and leaves more finely toothed (finer structure) with a good yellow orange fall colour.

Acer rubrum 'Morgan'

Morgan is a very fast grower. Broad, wide crown with medium green leaves turning deep-red in fall. One of the hardiest red maple cultivars, originally found in Quebec. Tolerant and adaptable to many conditions and locations.

Acer rubrum 'October Glory'

October Glory Maple has a dense, oval rounded-head with dark lustrous green foliage. Brilliant red to orange-red colour starts later (in October) and lasts longer than most other rubrums.

Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'

Red Sunset Maple is a strong grower with oval crown. Medium green leaves turn a deep orange-red in fall. Developed by J. F. Schmidt Nursery and is perhaps the most popular of the red maples. Changes colour before October Glory and is more cold hardy.

Acer rubrum 'Somerset'

Somerset Maple is another U.S. National Arboretum selection; a cross between October Glory and Autumn Flame. Somerset is seedless, with dark green summer foliage and has a very good form and consistent bright red fall colour.

Acer rubrum 'Scarlet Sentinel' (x freemanii)

Scarlet Sentinel is a fast, vigorous, upright growing maple with good branch structure. Has attractive smooth, shiny bark and rich green leaves, turning yellow with orange or red tones in fall.

Acer rubrum 'Sun Valley'

Sun Valley is a red maple selection with a uniform, oval shape, very densely branched and is seedless. Reliable bright red fall colour.

Acer platanoides 'Superform'

Superform Maple is a selection with a "super" broadly oval to rounded form visible in its uniform branch angles and overall symmetric shape. Yellow fall colour.

Acer tataricum 'Hot Wings'

Hot Wings Tatarian Maple is an upright spreading small tree resembling Acer ginnala. Slow growing and tolerant of alkalinity and drought. Foliage is dark green, turning yellow to orange-red in fall. The red winged seeds (samaras) provide outstanding summer interest.

Acer tegmentosum 'Joe Witt'

Joe Witt Manchurian (or Manchustriped) Maple is a broad, vase-shaped snakebark maple valued for its highly striped white and jade green bark. A shaded spot will maintain great leaf and bark colouring

Acer truncatum 'Norwegian Sunset'

Norwegian Sunset Shantung Maple is an upright, oval tree with good symmetrical shape. Foliage is glossy, dark green, and turns orange-red to red in fall. More heat tolerant than Norway Maple. (A. truncatum x A. platanoides Hybrid)

Acer truncatum 'Pacific Sunset'

Pacific Sunset Shantung Maple. Upright, rounded tree with finer branching habit than Norwegian Sunset. Very glossy dark green foliage turns orange-red to bright red in fall, earlier than Norwegian Sunset. (A. truncatum x A. platanoides Hybrid)

Acer tegmentosum 'White Tigress'

White Tigress is one of the most heat tolerant Snake Bark Maples. Spectacular pure white stripes on green young and old bark. Considered to be the Snake Bark Maple with the nicest form. Fall leaf colour is buttercup yellow. White Tigress is actually a hybrid of A. davidii and A. tegmentosum.