Conifers: Tsuga (Hemlock)

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Tsuga canadensis

Eastern or Canadian Hemlock is a very graceful pyramidal conifer with fine, somewhat pendulous branches. Can become very large, but also very suitable for hedging in all but city locations. Needs moist, well drained, acid soils. Will tolerate shade well, though full sun is possible if not exposed to hot dry winds

Tsuga canadensis 'Gracilis'

This Eastern Hemlock selection has a very uniform look with speading branches that droop at the ends. The overall effect is a spreading, broad flat-topped globe with an open center ("nested" center depression). Prefers cool, moist shaded locations where it will be protected from strong winds .

Tsuga canadensis 'Golden Splendour'

Similar in size and form to the species except in colour. The golden foliage will tolerate full sun without buring. Can be grown as a stand alone specimen or as a sheared hedge.

Tsuga canadensis 'Gentsch White'

Gentsch White is a dwarf Canadian Hemlock. Creamy-white spring growth tips become intensely creamy-white in fall and winter standing out against the dark green background of the older foliage; must be placed in partial shade to avoid sunscorch; feather shearing is recommended to promote compactness and encourage more tip growth

Tsuga canadensis 'Jeddeloh'

Jeddeloh is a dwarf grower with a spiraling, birds nest, branch arrangement and distinctive depression in the centre of the plant. Bright green needles have soft appearance. Shade tolerant.

Tsuga canadensis 'Jervis'

Jervis is a slow growing, upright form of Canadian Hemlock. An upright compact conifer, very slow growing. Dark green small needles on dense, irregular branching create an interesting asymmetrical dwarf conifer very well suited to the rock garden. Not drought tolerant.

Tsuga canadensis 'Pendula'

A slow growing, mound forming Hemlock with a graceful weeping habit that looks very effective over a wall or in a rock garden. Will need staking to attain any height. A spectacular plant for a shade garden. Aka: Tsuga canadensis 'Sargentii'

Tsuga heterophylla

Western Hemlock a rapid grower with a pyramidal form. Rich green needles, with distinct white bands on the underside. Branchlets are somewhat drooping and fine-textured giving a fernlike quality. Small cones, 2 to 2.5cm. Low land native. Best in areas of high soil and air moisture.

Tsuga mertensiana

Mountain Hemlock has stiff horizontal to upright branches withe blue-green foliage. Needles are 2.5cm long, growing around the stem giving the branches a full wisp-like appearance