Broadleaf Evergreens: Mahonia (Oregon Grape)

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Mahonia aquifolium

Oregon Grape is native to the Pacific West Coast (State flower of Oregon). A small broadleaved evergreen shrub with irregular erect stems. New holly-like foliage has bronze-red colouring before turning a glossy deep green and turns purplish-red in winter (appreciates protection from winter winds). Yellow flower clusters in spring are followed by small, blue berries that are tart, but edible, good for jellies! Excellent as underplanting in woodland settings or in mixed shrub border. Tolerates full sun if soil is moist. Deer resistant.

Mahonia x media 'Charity'

Charity Mahonia is a broadleaved evergreen with an upright, vase-shape. Eye-catching large compound leaves with dark green holly-like leaflets (up to 21) are arranged in rosettes and may turn bright red under cold winter conditions. Charity is a late fall, winter bloomer with yellow flowers at the end of the branches on long racemes; flowers have a faint sweet scent. The purple-blue berries are a favourite with the birds. Great background planting.

Mahonia nervosa

Dwarf/Longleaf Oregon Grape (or Dull Leaved Oregon Grape) a low growing, spreading evergreen shrub native to the Pacific West Coast. Compound leaves with spiny-edged leaflets are not as glossy as the leaves of mahonia aquifolium. May turn red in winter depending on temperatures. Yellow flower racemes in spring followed by dark blue berrries with a white coating in August/September

Mahonia repens

Creeping Mahonia is a low spreading evergreen ideal as groundcover, erosion control or woodland planting. The stems carry fragrant, yellow flowers on small racemes, followed by blue berries. Foliage turns purplish in winter. Deer resistant.