Shade and Ornamental Trees: Maackia (Amur Maackie)

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Maackia amurensis 'Maacnificent'

Maackia amurensis is a short deciduous tree that is rounded in shape. Foliage is compact and is a deep green colour, very attractive in summer however has no fall colours.

Maackia amurensis

Amur Maackia is a small upright rounded tree, very adaptable to poor soil conditions and has Nitrogen fixing abilities (in symbiosis with rhizobial bacterium). Flowers in early summer with dull white, fragrant, pea-like flowers in upright clusters which are followed by brown flat seed pods. Foliage is odd, pinnate compound attractive olive green, nut has no fall colour. Amber-brown bark exfoliates when mature, leaving outer layer bark patches with curled edges for an interesting effect. Tree resembles and is related to Cladrastis (Yellowwood). Named after 19th Century Siberian explorer Karlovich Maack, who found the tree growing along the Amur River, the border between China and Siberia